How Is WHAT'S YOUR MUTT DNA Different?

If you're thinking of having your dog's DNA tested, there are some things you should know before hand. This page was developed to help you understand the differences between What's Your Mutt DNA and others in the market.

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#1. Our Tests Were Scientifically Developed From Scratch By Our Highly Respected Team Of PhD Scientists

Many of the dog DNA tests you see on the market today are really nothing more than a "copy-paste" of someone else's hard work and discovery. In fact, most use the very same "off-the-shelf" processes sold to them by someone else, and they sell it to you for a huge mark-up.

Our team of scientists started from scratch and built the What's Your Mutt DNA tests from the ground up. What's Your Mutt DNA is a premium product that is orders of magnitude better than the other offerings.

#2. Our Scientific Analysis Of Your Test Is Far Superior

DNA, whether in humans or animals, is a difficult thing to properly understand. Thankfully, our team of scientists are PhD's and thoroughly understand the complexities of the DNA system. They know how to find relevant information hidden in the genetic code of your mutt.

Where others may "look" at an entire page looking for a "letter" out of place, our proprietary process ensures we read the entire page and analyze every letter on the page - so your results are much, much better and more accurate!

#3. We Can Analyze Up To 322 Genetic Markers Associated With 183 Health Conditions

And all it takes is a simple swab of your dog's cheek from the comfort of your own home. No trip to the Vet necessary!

We offer the most comprehensive health screening on the market using the most up to date canine science available. Our full health panel (included in our Health and Behavior Analysis Kit and Breed, Behavior, and Health Plus Kit) covers 322 genetic markers associated with 183 health conditions. Our smaller panel (included in our Breed, Behavior, and Health Analysis Kit) covers 75 genetic markers associated with 32 of the most common canine health conditions.

These conditions include:


    Factor VII Deficiency

    Haemophilia A, or Factor VIII Deficiency

    Haemophilia B, or Factor IX Deficiency & more.



    Histiocytic Sarcoma


    Malignant Melanoma

    Mammary Tumors

    Mast Cell Tumors & more,


    Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)


    Autosomal-Dominant Progressive Retinal Atrophy (ADPRA)

and on and on.

#4. Your Dog Is Trying To Speak To You, Only You Can't Understand

We all want the very best for our little four legged friends. Having peace of mind means knowing that when your 'best friend' tells you that something is wrong, you will understand.

How would you know if your dog had CANCER, a BLOOD DISORDER, EYE PROBLEMS, DIGESTIVE ISSUES, or another serious problem? How would they be able to tell you something was wrong?

They can't speak, so we speak for them.

We are SERIOSULY SCIENTIFIC about helping you learn more about your dog. The 183 health conditions that we look for aren't just numbers - they're real health issues that dogs can incur over their lifetime. A lot of these issues can be prevented or proactively monitored to ensure that you do everything possible to give your dog the best life possible.

#5. You're Not Just A Number, You're A Valued Member Of Our Family

Some companies in the dog DNA space love to talk about their "millions sold" - but were "millions" really helped?

What's Your Mutt DNA is not a "big corporation". Instead we're more like a "mom and pop" company - devoted to our employees and vendors. We source our materials responsibly with a focus on sustainability and employee well being.

Our small family includes you AND your dog!

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