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Believe it or not, dogs have a lot to say. The only problem is that we don’t speak dog. What’s Your Mutt wants to change that by giving you a way to listen to what your dog (or future dog) has to say through their DNA. What’s Your Mutt has developed the technology to help decipher what your dog is saying, and we want to share what we have found with you. Join us on our journey to help give all dogs the voice they deserve and learn some things you may not know about your canine companion along the way!


Dogs are as unique as human beings. They all want different things, just like we do. And just like human relationships, dogs want to be paired with someone that shares their same path in life. When choosing a long term companion, you should know ahead of time what kind of companion they are going to be, what their needs are, and how to make them happy. In turn, this information will help make you happy that you chose the right dog to fit your lifestyle. Whether you need a dog that is patient with children, wants a lot of exercise, or is calm and well mannered, What’s Your Mutt can help determine these traits about your potential best friend so that both of you can lead happy lives together.


Just as in your search to find a dog, caring for a dog over the years will have its own specific challenges and joys. Our DNA Health Check technology can assist you in identifying potential health concerns before they occur, so you know to be extra vigilant in watching for them. Some dog breeds are prone to certain conditions that can be treated or prevented entirely, while others may have a unique condition that is specific to their genetic makeup. Arming yourself with this information will allow you to be proactive with your dog’s health and give them the best life they deserve.


Certain dogs need certain things. For example, some dogs have naturally higher energy levels and require more exercise. If they don’t get this, then they tend to misbehave or act out (think of coming home to your dog destroying your favorite couch). Contrarily, you may be a very active person and enjoy taking your dogs on long hikes, but they end up lethargic and over tired if they hike too long. Understanding your dog’s genetic makeup can help you make the right lifestyle decisions for them and prevent frustration on your side if your dogs is not “doing what you want”. A dog’s DNA determines a wide range of behaviour traits from being scared and untrusting of strangers to tendencies of catching and retrieving toys. What’s Your Mutt will help provide a list of these behavioral traits so that you can adjust your lifestyle to meet their needs. This will prevent a lot of frustration and misunderstanding on both yours and your dog’s side.

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"We are first and foremost dog lovers and dog parents. Second to that, we are scientists. We believe that through the power of technology we can improve the lives of dogs and their caretakers. We believe in the healing power of the canine relationship and believe that all dogs should have the chance to find their best matched life/caretaker. We believe that dogs are as unique as humans but lack the language to express themselves. We believe that we can give them their voice."

- JJ Apodaca, Ph.D. & Brett Petrusek, What’s Your Mutt Founders

What's Your Mutt DNA canine tests were scientifically developed 'in-house' to be the most accurate on the market. Unlike others, we use our own proprietary method of analyzing each sample thoroughly - providing you the best results.


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