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12 Dog Breeds You’re Probably Pronouncing Wrong

Three Samoyed dogs sitting in the snow in front of a blue sky

Hundreds of unique dog breeds have originated all over the world, bred for the specific environment and necessary work of that region. As many of these breeds made their way to the United States, their names often were so frequently mispronounced that their Americanized name became the norm. Here is a list of 12 of…

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Breed Spotlight: Schipperke

Schipperke dog standing in field.

History The Schipperke (pronounced “sheep-er-ker”) originated in Flanders, Belgium in the early 16th century. This breed descended from the now-extinct Leauvenaar,  a black sheepdog that was also the foundation breed for the Belgian Sheepdog, or Groendendael. While the Belgian Sheepdog followed in the Leauvenaar’s footsteps as a shepherd, the Schipperke took on its own role as…

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