Unique Dog Names: May

Unique Dog Names: May

unique dog names

Are you looking for a name for your new dog that’s a little different? A name that, when you call it at the dog park, won’t have 3 different pooches running up to you? Here is some inspiration if you just can’t quite come up with something unique on your own. 



  • Nyx. The Greek goddess of the night.
  • Laika. The Soviet space dog that was the first living creature to orbit Earth in 1957.
  • Ru. An English name.
  • Gidget. The mascot Chihuahua of Taco Bell.
  • Josie. A short version of the French name Josephine.



  • Dewi. A Welsh dragon god.
  • Sir Didymus. The critter from the movie “The Labyrinth”.
  • Klaus. A German, Dutch and Scandinavian name.
  • Gimli. Your favorite dwarf from “The Lord of the Rings”.
  • Balto. The lead sled dog of Gunnar Kaasen and his dog sled team in the 1925 serum run to Nome.


Either/ Or

  • Owney. The stray dog that became the United States Postal Service’s mascot in 1888.
  • Jelly Bean. Jughead Jones’ sister in the Archie comics. Also a popular candy.
  • Beasley. The Dogue de Bordeaux that played Hooch in the movie “Turner and Hooch”.
  • Maki. A type of sushi.
  • Pongo. The Dalmatian dad in “101 Dalmatians”.

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