Unique Dog Names: April

Unique Dog Names: April

unique dog names

Are you looking for a name for your new dog that’s a little different? A name that, when you call it at the dog park, won’t have 3 different pooches running up to you? Here is some inspiration if you just can’t quite come up with something unique on your own.



  • Saphira. A female Komodo dragon that was born at the Denver Zoo in 2018.
  • Chessie. The name given to the supposed sea monster that occupies the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland.
  • Enyo. The goddess of war in Classical Greek mythology.
  • Narava. The Slovenian word for "nature".
  • Bassi. Laura Maria Caterina Bassi was a professor of anatomy University of Bologna during the 18th century. She is most famous for her teaching and experiments in Newtonian physics and was appointed to a group of academics by the future Pope Benedict XIV.



  • Jasper. A gemstone defined as an opaque, impure variety of silica that is usually red, yellow, brown, green, and rarely blue in color.
  • Runi. A male name derived from the the Old Norse name “Rúni”.  The term “rún” was derived from the Ancient Germanic “*rūnō”, meaning “secret, secret lore, secret knowledge, magic”.
  • Diogo. An uninhabited volcanic island in the province of Batanes, the northernmost province in the Philippines.
  • Lodi. A variety of apple that originated in Ohio in 1910, described as pale yellow with a deeper yellow "flush" and having a tangy taste.
  • Rojak. A traditional fruit and vegetable salad dish commonly found in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore.


Either/ Or

  • Suki. A hybrid Nepenthes pitcher plant that is a cross between Nepenthes rafflesiana and Nepenthes sibuyanensis.
  • Quisp. The name of the late Kurt Cobain's cat.
  • Berry. A type of fleshy fruit, including bananas and grapes.
  • Ridley. The name of Samus Aran's archenemy in the Nintendo game series "Metroid".
  • Sneffels. Mount Sneffels is the highest summit of the Sneffels Range in the North American Rocky Mountains.

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