Unique Dog Names: August

Unique Dog Names: August

unique dog names

Are you looking for a name for your new dog that’s a little different? A name that, when you call it at the dog park, won’t have 3 different pooches running up to you? Here is some inspiration if you just can’t quite come up with something unique on your own.



  • Clipsie. The name of a dwarf in "The Chronicles of Narnia" series who is the daughter of the Chief of the Duffers.
  • Navi (pronounced "nah-vee"). The name of a reoccurring fairy character in the "Legend of Zelda" video game series.
  • Yuna. Kim Yuna was the first person from South Korea to win a gold medal in figure skating in 2010.
  • Lilo. A young native Hawaiian girl who is one of the two title characters from the "Lilo and Stitch" franchise.
  • Pocky. A popular candy from Japan that was first sold in 1966. The original consisted of a biscuit covered in chocolate, but since then, new flavors such as almond, strawberry, and matcha.



  • Kempii. Lepidochelys kempii, commonly known as Kemp's Ridley Turtle, is one of the smallest species of Sea Turtle.
  • Deku. The nickname/ hero name of the main protagonist of the manga/ anime series "My Hero Academia".
  • Cubone (pronounced "Q-bone"). The generation 1 ground-type Pokemon known as the "Lonely Pokemon".
  • Jumani. A variety of apple that originated in Switzerland in 2010, described as beautifully round with a fresh and fruity taste and a crunchy bite.
  • Kántor. A famous Hungarian detective dog who had a show made about him. Kántor's son, Tuskó, played his own father in the show.


Either/ Or

  • Zeze. A stringed instrument from Sub-Saharan Africa with one or two strings, made of steel or bicycle brake wire.
  • Bimini. One of the few fishing knots that does not weaken the line in which it is tied. Bimini is also the name of the westernmost district of the Bahamas that comprises a chain of Islands.
  • Turnip. A popular root vegetable.
  • Puukko. A traditional Finnish or Scandanavian tool knife.
  • Cenny (pronounced "sen-ay"). The Polish word for "precious".

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