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What's Your Mutt DNA Offers 4 Kits Of Dog DNA Testing

  • What's your Mutt DNA Full Breed Test

    Full Breed Analysis Test Kit

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  • What's your Mutt DNA Breed Behavior and Health2

    Breed, Behavior, and Health Analysis

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  • What's your Mutt DNA Breed Behavior and Health PLUS1

    Breed, Behavior, and Health Plus

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  • What's your Mutt DNA Health and Behavior Kit

    Health and Behavior Analysis Kit

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"We are first and foremost dog lovers and dog parents. Second to that, we are scientists. We believe that through the power of technology we can improve the lives of dogs and their caretakers. We believe in the healing power of the canine relationship and believe that all dogs should have the chance to find their best matched life/caretaker. We believe that dogs are as unique as humans but lack the language to express themselves. We believe that we can give them their voice."

- JJ Apodaca, Ph.D. & Brett Petrusek, What’s Your Mutt Founders

What's Your Mutt DNA canine tests were scientifically developed 'in-house' to be the most accurate on the market. Unlike others, we use our own proprietary method of analyzing each sample thoroughly - providing you the best results.